Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fitness Log #29 aka Jason you bastard!

Day 29: Jan 4, 2010
Squats - 5x5@70kgs
Bench Press - 5x5@65kgs
Inverted Rows - 3x15@Bodyweight only
Dips - 3xF(15,12?,7)@Bodyweight only
Advanced Prone Bridges v1.0 - Buddy system of moving plates (1 set of back and forth, 1 set back and forth 2x)
Advanced Prone Bridges v2.0 - Same as v1.0 but with 4 people (Jason, Topeng, Nina and me).

First workout for 2010!

Went back to 70kgs on squats. Still got it. But it was a slow and grinding work, need to concentrate on form to get the speed going.

Increased weight on bench press. Feels ok. First time

Advanced prone bridges.... where the name of the workout comes from. Advanced prone bridges was supposed to be composed of only 2 sets, but Jason screwed up so we had to do another 2 sets.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Fitness Log #29 Year Ender Workout

Day 28: Dec 31, 2009
Squats - 5x5@50kgs
OHP - 5x5@30kgs
Deadlift - 1x5@50kgs
Chinups - 3xF(12, 8?,3?)@bodyweight
Bench Press - 5x5@60kgs
Rows - 3x25@10++kgs
Push-ups - 3xF(15,15,15?)@Bodyweight only

Last workout for 2009! Done in Shangri-la Makati hotel gym hehehe. Love the gym! Olympic bars AND weights all around! Fully rubberized floors and rubber bumber plates (instead of the normal iron) means dropping/touching weights on the floor during exercises does not make too much noise.

Ran through the StrongLifts 5x5 workout with Socs so I took it easy on the weight. Failed on doing chinups as doing nearly all exercises really took its toll. No ab routines this time out, we were supposed to do that in Jan 1, 2010 to bring in the new year. Unfortunately we got lazy and just lounged at the pool hehehe

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fitness Log #27

Day 27: Dec 28, 2009
Squats - 5x5@60kgs
Bench Press - 5x5@60kgs
Rows - 3x25@10++kgs
Push-ups - 3xF(15,15,12?)@Bodyweight only
Reverse crunches - 3x15

After a two week absence I am back to doing the Stronglifts 5x5 workout. Started easy and did workout A. Squats at 60kgs was easier than I thought, 70kgs would probably have been a better challenge but I did the reps with full range of motion in order to gain maximum results. No sense in getting injured at the start.

Bench press was heavier, but manageable. Inverted rows were replaced by upright rows. Could probably have gone higher in weight but I figured it was a replacement of an exercise to failure.

I hope to get back in the groove before my trip to the US. Emailed the local CrossFit gym, hopefully I get a reply soon. Time to go hardcore!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lost phone

I lost my phone last Tuesday. I initially thought that I left it at home, for some reason I did not bother calling the house to confirm that. So as soon as I got home I was expecting it to be on my bed, under my pillows or on my desk... I was wrong.

So I told my mom what happened and asked her to cancel my plan (it's actually her account... yes I know). I would be getting a prepaid SIM card to replace my number instead as sooner or later I would have to cancel my account anyway. At first thought, I was concerned with the effort of trying to rebuild my contacts and losing some as well (especially business ones).

Then I started thinking what else I lost. No, I don't have scandals or porn in my cellphone. Some notes and actually a few somewhat numbers but not much security risk I believe.

So the next question really is, what phone do I replace my old one with? Any suggestions? Open line and can be used in N. Americas, Europe and Asia (of course) with most of the bells and whistles. The iPhone 3GS is on that list but will also consider alternatives.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fitness Log #24 aka FAIL

Day 24: Nov 30, 2009
Squats - 5x5@85kgs
Overhead Press - 4x5@42.5kgs 1x4@40kgs
Deadlifts - 1x1 @105kgs
Prone Bridges - 3x1min

Squats were ok, but I may have gassed out on the OHP. Failed on the last set of OHPs and had to remove 2.5kgs.

Deadlifts was a complete failure. Grip failed on first rep and was not able to recover. Perhaps I failed to rest properly or was not able to prepare by eating before workout and not drinking water during the workout.

*On a different note, I worked out at SM North Edsa's The Block but parked way back in SM Annex due to parking/traffic. Seemed there was a lot of people in the mall today for some reason. SM Annex was newly renovated and had a Rockwell/GB5 feel to it.... save for the shops.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fitness Log #23

Day 23: Nov 27, 2009
Squats - 5x5@85kgs
Bench Press - 5x5@65kgs
Rows - 3x10@30++kgs
Push-ups - 3xF(?)@Bodyweight only
Reverse crunches - 3x15

Increased the weight on exercises. Psychological barrier on doing the squats and was not 100% on the technique.

Substituted upright row against inverted row

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fitness Log #22

Day 22: Nov 23, 2009
Squats - 5x5@82.5kgs
Overhead Press - 5x5@42.5kgs
Deadlifts - 3x1 and 2x1@100kgs
Pull-ups - 3xF@Bodyweight only
Advanced Prone Bridges - 3sets

I don't quite remember the weight for the squats, it was either 82kgs or 85kgs. Either way it was ok, getting better with the form every time. OHP was a little more challenging but made it through all sets.

Deadlifts were again better this time out and did better than last time and lasted 3 reps on first try.

Did another variation of the prone bridges which was a tag-team version of the last one. One person moves 4 plates from one side to the other and back (twice) while another one "suffers" with a normal plank. Both players switch roles right after the other. Fun!